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CANCOM Cyber Defense Center

Cyber security is becoming an ever greater
challenge for companies

Cyber crime does not stop at your company; more and more often, even small and medium-sized companies have to pay for their lack of protection. And the damage caused by cybercrime is considerable!

  • Espionage
  • Theft or intellectual property
  • Attack on confidential content & data
  • Attack on integrity & availability
  • Theft of assets

Cybercrime does not stop at your

UNC – University of North Georgia

Alarming statistics

Every 39 seconds, a new attack takes place worldwide. At the same time, the methods of cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Even small and medium-sized companies are more frequently falling victim to a lack of protection.

Companies need to ask themselves essential questions:

  • How do I recognise modern,
    targeted attacks?

    To detect modern targeted attacks on your own company, you need the right tools and the right personnel behind them. Only through the right combination of professional tools, processes and experts can you react to complex cyberattacks in time.

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  • Who correlates and
    monitors my data?

    One of the CANCOM Cyber Defense Center's principles is that all security-relevant data always resides with the client and, even in the case of analysis, is only evaluated by highly qualified cyber security analysts within Austria.

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  • Where do I get know-how
    to react correctly?

    In addition to hardware, software and licences, the CDC service always includes the human analyst, who brings in the accumulated know-how of the Cyber Defense Centre through many years of experience and is available to the customer 24/7.

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The CANCOM Cyber Defense Center (CDC) is your
professional contact for security issues

Our Security Operation Centre made in Austria supports you in many ways:

  • Previously undetected cyber attacks on your infra­structure are made transparent and fully­traceable.
  • Threats are detected in real time and countered with the most efficient response.
  • Your business security is continuously increased, which reduces business risks.
  • Valuable company assets are protected.

Respond precisely to new security threats

Build on your existing security infrastructure and gradually increase your security maturity level with CDC

  • Basic Security
    • Firewall NAT,
      NG Firewall IPS
    • Antivirus
    • VLAN segments
    • Config. topics
    • Patch Management
    • E-Mail Security
  • Standard Security
    • Advanced Endpoint Security
    • SSL Decryption
    • Identity Access Mgmt.
    • Micro Segments
    • Cloud/CASB UBA Security
  • Advanced Security
    • Mobile Security
    • Port Security 802.1x, NAC
    • Market segments
    • DNS Security
    • Data Leak Prevention
    • Security Audit
    • PW management, two-/multi-factor auth.
    • Sandbox e-mail/web

Austrian Cyber Security Expertise
The CANCOM Cyber Defense Center supports you

  • protecting all corporate data (end devices, servers, cloud)
  • plannable expenses through step-by-step introduction or proof of concept
  • proactive analysis 24 | 7 | 365
  • if necessary, with immediate initiation of defensive measures.
  • by reliable hazard analysis in Austria.
  • including a clear dashboard & reporting
  • with a focus on the essentials through many years of expertise.